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Woodstock GA Investor Home Renovation

John Marion explains a home investment project in Woodstock, GA.

We are an investment company that buys houses in the Woodstock, GA area. We will buy houses in any condition and any price point.

If you are not sure about selling your house to investors, give us a call.

Licensed Agents Who Buy Houses

We are also licensed agents with RE/MAX Town & County so we can offer you the best option for selling your home in your time frame (“quick sale” OR planned sale at a date you select).

How to Sell Your House to Local Investors

What is it like to sell your home to an investment company? We make it easy and explain the process and the options you have to sell on your terms.

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Sell Fast Now vs. Planned Future Sale

John Marion - Real Estate, Canton, GA

What are the pros and cons of selling your house to an investor for fast cash with quick sale compared to planning the sale in the future?

Fast House Sale Benefits

With a fast sale, you can get cash now and be finished with the property. It’s that simple.

Investors can close on your property in 30 days or less, many times it can be 10 days or less! It’s virtually and instant purchase of your home or land.

The advantage to a fast sale is that you get cash quickly and you end the ownership of your property. If the property has been a problem for you, the problem is gone with a quick sale.

Planned Future Sale Benefits

In contrast, a long-term, planned sale of your property to an investor can give you peace of mind that the house is sold and that the transaction will take place at a longer-term future date. This may be a better option for you.

A planned sale at a future date means that the seller can continue to use the property. As a seller, you cant take any time needed to get everything in order to move out or take care of other things while waiting for the sale date.

The key to the long term, planned sale, is to get a commitment from the investor buyer in the form of a signed purchase contract. The contract will state the agreed upon price and terms of the offer, including the date in the future that the transaction will be completed.

Learn More About Selling Your House to Investors

Cherokee County, GA and north metro Atlanta property owners, please contact me about selling your home. My company can buy quickly (30 days or less) or agree to purchase your property in a longer time frame at a future date (up to 12 months in the future).

John Marion, Canton, GA
John Marion
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Local Investor Offers Cash Now Before You Sell Your House!

John Marion with text "Local investor offers cash now before you sell your house!"

Local Cherokee County investor in Woodstock, GA offers cash to sellers before the sale takes place!

We buy houses in the north metro Atlanta region. And sometimes we give cash to the home seller weeks or months before we actually buy the house.

Option Contract Give You Instant Cash!

We use what is called an option contract to give you money now and complete the sale later (and you can get more money again!). The actual sale can take place anytime in the future. There is no set time frame, other than what we agree to with you.

It’s Quick Cash Now. But Sell Later if You Need Time.

Selling your home to our investment company doesn’t mean you have to rush to move out. It’s the opposite of a FAST SALE but it does provide quick cash to you right now!

What is the Benefit of Getting Cash Now Before My House Sells?

Here is why this may be a good option for you and our investment company:

BENEFIT TO YOU, THE HOME SELLER: You get fast cash in your pocket now! And you can remain in the house, taking the time you need to get yourself organized to move out. Or you may want to take the money and move out right away for whatever reason. If you do that, we can even watch over your house while you are gone until the sale date comes and we take possession of the house. In other words, when we give you cash, you have the option of staying in the house or moving out right away to go on vacation or move to another location.

BENEFIT TO US, THE INVESTMENT COMPANY: Because we are full time, professional home buyers, we like to line up our real estate transactions in advance and plan our work. When we know in advance that will will start a project on a future date, we can get it on our schedule. For this reason, we actually like getting a property under contract even if this means giving the home seller cash now. If the actual sale and transfer of ownership is 1 month up to 6 months (or even longer) in the future, we can schedule our work load and manage our finances long term.

It’s a win-win situation.

The time frame for selling your house is up to you, but you can get money now.

Call or Text John Marion at 703-371-9548 to get started with the long term sale of your house and get cash in your pocket now.

John Marion - Real Estate, Canton, GA
“I’m a licensed agent and Associate Broker here in Georgia. I’m known as The Agent Who Buys Houses.”

Or fill out our Online Problem Property Form here:

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Woodstock GA Investment House Renovation

Photo with text "Home Renovation Project Woodstock GA"

Woodstock, GA home owners, sell your house to local investors. We buy houses for cash and close the transaction fast.

Local investor explains rehab of an investment company owned house.

This is a complete home renovation project of a property that had not been updated in over 40 years. Watch the video of John Marion explaining some of the things that need to be done to a home when doing a comprehensive renovation.

Sell Your House Fast

We make it quick and easy to sell your house. When you really think about the amount of time and money it takes to get a home into “like new” condition, it makes sense to let an investor make an offer to purchase your house.

The project in the video is a good example of the work required to renovate a house in need of extensive updating and repairs in order to bring it up to the standard for today’s home buyers.

Do you want to sell your house quickly for cash? Fill out the form on our website here:

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Why Would an Investor Buy Your House?

You want to sell your house to an investor, but why would an investor buy your house?

We get a lot of calls from people who think an investor might want to buy their house because it needs a few cosmetic repairs that they don’t feel like making.

Sometimes they hear from a real estate agent that their house will need to be 100% perfect in order for the agent to sell the home.

This leads them to believe they can sell to an investor “as-is” with the discount being equal to the cost of the minor repairs.

But it doesn’t work that way.

Learn why an investor would buy your house.

Alpha Dog Investments buys houses in Cherokee County, GA area and throughout the North Metro Atlanta region.

Get a fast response and a free consultation about your fixer-upper house by filling our our online form or calling or texting John Marion.

John Marion - Real Estate, Canton, GA
John Marion
(call or text)

Tell me about your property. Here is our online form:

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Cherokee County Probate Court and Real Estate Sales

Cherokee County Probate Court graphic 800x450

The Cherokee County, GA Probate Court has jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the administration of estates.

Old Courthouse Canton GA

The Sale of Real Estate in Probate

When real estate of any kind is invloved in the probate process, often a sale will take place to liquidate the asset. But the process of the sale may not be easy, depending on the property condition.

For example, a house that is well maintained and updated with modern design and cosmetic features can easily be sold by a real estate brokerage firm such as RE/MAX.

But often houses in probate may not be in the best, up-to-date condition. This is true especially when someone has lived in the home for a long time and never remodled the house. Houses with older roofs, HVAC systems near the end of their functional life-span, plumbing fixtures and appliances that have not be updated in many years, and even old light fixtures can greatly reduce the desirability for a buyer to purchase.

Out-dated homes – and homes in disrepair – are the types of houses that investors like to buy. And the process of selling this type of property can be very easy and may be very fast too.

Selling Your Estate Property to Investors

The first step to selling to investors is easy. Just contact a local real estate investment company in Cherokee County.

When you contact me, I’ll listen to your situation and meet up with you at the property. Or with your permission, I can go take a look myself if the property is vacant and accessible.

After I walk through the house, I’ll be able to make you an offer to purchase the property in any time frame that works best for you. My company will buy quickly (in 2 weeks or less) or we can arange for the sale to take place at a later date (1 to 12 months later or more). Whatever is best for you.

How To Contact John Marion – The Agent Who Buys Houses

I’m a licensed agent and Associate Broker with RE/MAX Town & Country right here in Canton, GA. I’m easy to talk to so please call, text or fill out the form below and I’ll contact you.

John Marion - Real Estate, Canton, GA

John Marion
(call or text)

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Cherokee County GA Real Estate Investors

Cherokee County GA Real Estate Investors

We buy houses in Cherokee County, GA. Our company is located in Canton / Holly Springs.

Licensed Agents. Local Investors.

Our company is owned by two licensed agents and Associate Brokers with RE/MAX Town & Country, John Marion and Sandra Watkins.

And we know the real estate market in Cherokee County.

Your property has value to us and we will give you precise price points for either selling your house to investors or listing your house on the market to find a traditional home buyer.

How To Sell Your Property to Real Estate Investors in Cherokee County

The process of selling your real estate – land or house – to investors doesn’t have to be stressful. We will take the time to explain the steps and make an offer to purchase your property.

You don’t have to be worried about the condition of your house. We have helped many people who own homes in Cherokee County that they can no longer maintain, including highly distressed houses with many problems.

Contact Us Today

Photo of John Marion and Sandra Watkins with laptop in Canton, GA

Contact us today to talk about your situation. Or fill out the form below and John or Sandra will get back to you right away.

John – 703-371-9548
Sandra – 770-324-3680

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