Atlanta Investment Properties

The Atlanta market continues to be a desirable location for out-of-state and foreign investors to buy real estate.

How do investors locate and purchase Atlanta real estate long distance? Here are several ways our company helps real estate investors find Atlanta investment real estate.

The Georgia and Atlanta Multiple Listing Service

Thousands of investment real estate properties are listed for sale on the open market in the MLS. While some internet websites propagate this information online, there is usually a time lag from when listings are updated until they hit the most popular websites.

The best way to access MLS listings of investment property is to have an agent either set up a customized search with automated emails or to give you access to a Brokerage website with a user name and password.

The investor who has access to newly listed investment real estate on the MLS is one step ahead of the crowd of buyers looking for good deals.

One more note about the MLS: there are two different MLS systems used by Realtors in the Atlanta area. Be sure to use an agent who is a member of, familiar with, and willing to set up searches for you on both systems.

Double Closings Transactions

Some real estate investors specialize in getting properties under contract for the sole purpose of selling a property the same day to another investor buyer. They make a small quick profit selling it to the second investor.

The first investor flipping the property in a simultaneous transaction can often provide a steady stream of investment properties for other investors looking for deals.

Assignment of Contract

Some of the best real estate deals come from investors who assign purchase contracts to other investors. These investors are called wholesalers although their deals may not actually be wholesale prices. But assignment of contract properties can often be purchased at a good discount.

Alpha Dog Investments Atlanta Real Estate

Our company can assist you in locating Atlanta investment real estate. Please contact us today to get started buying great deals in the Atlanta market.

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