Caller ID 954-834-6414 is a Fake Investor

This phone number called our office line non-stop this morning until I was able to set up a block for incoming calls from this number.

I received 45 incoming calls from this number between 10:36 am and 10:57 am.

The voice message when I called asked if I want to sell my property.

Beware of Fake Real Estate Investors

A lot of people promote themselves as real estate investors when in fact they are marketers who know very little about real estate. They are good at marketing.

Annoying Real Estate Investors Who Wholesale Properties

This guy is the most annoying, unprofessional real estate wholesaler I have ever had contact with. And I love wholesaling and legitimate wholesalers who find me great real estate deals. I have also wholesaled many properties myself.

Legitimate Real Estate Investors

We are local investors in North Metro Atlanta who are also licensed agents in the State of Georgia. We buy houses as-is. Any price. Any condition.

Call John Marion at 703-371-9548 or Sandra Watkins at 770-324-3680.

Photo of John Marion and Sandra Watkins with laptop in Canton, GA

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