Real Estate Investor Services

Atlanta Real Estate Investor Services

Alpha Dog Investments provides investor services for Atlanta real estate investors.

Specialized Services for Atlanta Investors

  • Are you a real estate investor in the Atlanta market?
  • Or are you an out of town investor who is considering the Atlanta market?
  • Do you want to leverage your time as an investor to maximize your profits?

Here are some of the services we provide for real estate investors in the Atlanta area:

Locating Investment Property

Are you finding the quantity of investment properties you would like to buy in the Atlanta market?

We will assist you to find investment property that match your criteria.

We have the capability of making and tracking hundreds of offers for investors every week.

When we get a property under contract for you, we will manage the tasks you need to accomplish during the due diligence period and do what it takes to successfully get the property to the closing table on your behalf.

Home Inspections and Preparation of Property Condition Reports

We can prepare a property condition report for you prior to your purchase or can prepare it for property you currently own. Our home inspection service is especially designed to meet the needs of real estate investors. We do no do home inspection for owner occupant home buyers.

Preparation of Preliminary Budget Renovation Costs

Do you want to know how much it will cost to rehab an investment property? We can provide you with a detailed Scope of Work that will show how much each line item in your renovation project will cost. We can also secure written bids from local, qualified contractors.

You can rely on us as your sole source for developing your rehab budget or you may want to use our rehab budget as a second opinion to verify your current contractors bids.

Preparation of Transaction Spreadsheets

Our spreadsheets will help you analyze the numbers of a real estate investment deal you are considering. Put our experience to work for you. Our analysis of the numbers for your deal may give you further insight into your deal to help you make a wise decision.

Home Renovation Property Management Program

The Home Renovation Property Management Program is designed to take advantage of the current opportunities for buying vacant bank-owned properties, renovating and then reselling them for significant returns on your investment every few months. Our investors in the program are getting impressive returns on their investments through our Home Renovation Property Management Program. It is an easy and safe way for you to invest your money secured by real estate.

Active Atlanta Real Estate Investors

Are you an active real estate investor in the Atlanta area?

If so, we want to connect with you!

Need an Investor Friendly Agent in Atlanta?

Are you trying to find agents who understands how you think as an investor? End your nightmare of searching for an investor friendly agent. Call Sandra or John today. Sandra 770-324-3680 / John 703-371-9548

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