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Atlanta Area Cash Flowing Rental Property 509 Pat Mell Rd Smyrna

Atlanta Area Cash Flowing Rental Property

The following property is being offered to investors as a turn-key, cash flowing rental. The current tenants pay $850 per month with a lease through August 2014.

509 Pat Mell Rd. Smyrna, GA 30080

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath single family house. It has been recently renovated with new kitchen appliances, new granite counter top, new tile flooring in kitchen and bathrooms, new HVAC, upgraded lighting, hardwood floors, fenced yard.

10.5% Cap Rate

With low taxes and insurance, this has a cap rate of at lease 10.5% at a sale price of $75,000.

For Sale By Investor / Buy Atlanta Real Estate Investment Property

The property is owned by Alpha Dog Investments and is available to investors looking for a 10% cap rate or better on Atlanta area real estate investment property.

For more details and pictures, please visit http://www.johnmarion.com/509-pat-mell-rd-smyrna-ga-30080/


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Why You Should Buy Rental Investment Property in Atlanta Now

Why Buying Investment Rental Property in the Atlanta Area is a Good Idea

Buy Atlanta Investment Property Now

The Atlanta market continues to be a favorite area for real estate investors to buy rental property. Although home prices have increased throughout 2013, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase at prices that make sense for investors.

Return on Investment and Monthly Cash Flow

While finding rental property with a 10% to 12% cap rate is a challenge, it’s fairly easy to pick up properties with a 6% to 9% cap rate. For many investors, getting a 7% or 8% return on their investment meets their minimal investment criteria.

Monthly cash flow and return on investment is why most investors put their money in Atlanta real estate. But future upside equity is also alluring.

Future Equity

The future upside equity of rental properties in the Atlanta market is attractive to many investors. In the current market it’s not too difficult to get into a cash flowing rental fast with some equity now. And if you buy in the right areas, the future upside equity potential can result in significant capital growth in the next 5 years.

Atlanta Area Home Prices for Rentals

You can buy single family homes in the Atlanta area for $120,000 and less that will rent for $1200. Homes in the $70,000 range will need some work and may fetch rents of $800 to $900 per month. Homes from $80,000 and up are usually in well established subdivisions. We normally recommend that out of state investors buy in these areas.

Some areas have houses for $40,000 or less with rents of $500 to $650. These lower price points may have some risks that we normally only recommend to local investors who are familiar with the areas and neighborhoods.

Buy Atlanta Area Investment Rental Property

Is it time for you to buy investment property in the Atlanta area? Our company is ready to assist you in locating property to match your investment criteria. We provide a wide range of services for real estate investors and can make your entry into the Atlanta market and one stop, turn-key solution for you to get started now.

Call or Text Sandra Watkins at 770-324-3680 or John Marion at 703-371-9548  to learn more about how we can help you successfully invest in the Atlanta real estate market.

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September 28, 2011

Cherokee County Bank Owned Homes Slated For Renovation and Resale

Canton, GA Sept 28 – Two Cherokee County residents have assembled a team of investors eager to use their money
to buy bank owned houses. Repairs are made to the houses and then resold buyers who want move-in ready homes.

Sandra Watkins and John Marion created Alpha Dog Investments last year to take advantage of new investment
opportunities created by the large number of  bank owned houses on the market.

“I’m dealing with frustrated buyers all the time who are tired of visiting houses on the market that need to be fixed up,”
said Watkins who is an Associate Broker with Remax Town & County.

Watkins has been a real estate agent for thirteen years. “First time home buyers want a place they can move into
without having to make extensive repairs and improvements,” Watkins explained.

Marion, who started investing in real estate three years ago, sees a perfect storm brewing for investors who have
access to capital. “The current crisis of foreclosed, vacant properties will be with us for a long time,” said Marion as he
sat in his Canton home office near Hickory Flat.

“Sandra and I have put together an investment program for those who have a decent credit score and $15,000 cash,”
Marion says. “We have lenders giving us loans to buy and renovate vacant houses.”

The Home Renovation Property Management Program created by Watkins and Marion is being promoted by Alpha
Dog Investments as an “easy and safe way for new investors” to get started making money in real estate.

“We do all the hard work for our investors by locating properties to buy, arranging contractor’s bids for repairs, and
marketing the newly renovated house to homebuyers,” Marion says.

“I’m excited,” said Watkins, “one investor sold his house only eight days after being listed on the market! The buyers
are there for homes that they can move into right away.”

The program is attracting local and out-of-state investors as far away as Virginia.


For more information contact:
John Marion
703-371-9548 (mobile)

Atlanta Real Estate Investors

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