Local Investor Offers Cash Now Before You Sell Your House!

John Marion with text "Local investor offers cash now before you sell your house!"

Local Cherokee County investor in Woodstock, GA offers cash to sellers before the sale takes place!

We buy houses in the north metro Atlanta region. And sometimes we give cash to the home seller weeks or months before we actually buy the house.

Option Contract Give You Instant Cash!

We use what is called an option contract to give you money now and complete the sale later (and you can get more money again!). The actual sale can take place anytime in the future. There is no set time frame, other than what we agree to with you.

It’s Quick Cash Now. But Sell Later if You Need Time.

Selling your home to our investment company doesn’t mean you have to rush to move out. It’s the opposite of a FAST SALE but it does provide quick cash to you right now!

What is the Benefit of Getting Cash Now Before My House Sells?

Here is why this may be a good option for you and our investment company:

BENEFIT TO YOU, THE HOME SELLER: You get fast cash in your pocket now! And you can remain in the house, taking the time you need to get yourself organized to move out. Or you may want to take the money and move out right away for whatever reason. If you do that, we can even watch over your house while you are gone until the sale date comes and we take possession of the house. In other words, when we give you cash, you have the option of staying in the house or moving out right away to go on vacation or move to another location.

BENEFIT TO US, THE INVESTMENT COMPANY: Because we are full time, professional home buyers, we like to line up our real estate transactions in advance and plan our work. When we know in advance that will will start a project on a future date, we can get it on our schedule. For this reason, we actually like getting a property under contract even if this means giving the home seller cash now. If the actual sale and transfer of ownership is 1 month up to 6 months (or even longer) in the future, we can schedule our work load and manage our finances long term.

It’s a win-win situation.

The time frame for selling your house is up to you, but you can get money now.

Call or Text John Marion at 703-371-9548 to get started with the long term sale of your house and get cash in your pocket now.

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