How does 131% annualized return sound to you?

A Great Deal!

We recently helped one of our clients get a great deal on an investment property in North Metro Atlanta. It’s the kind of deal that we can get for you too. Let me explain the transaction and the numbers.

Buy, Repair, Rent, and Sell

Here are the details of the transaction.

We located a property for our client who secured a private money loan to finance part of the purchase. The deal required the investor to put some money down and pay for repairs to make the house rent ready.

We screened and placed a tenant in the property. The investor would have had monthly cash flow by keeping the property, but instead he decided to resell the property with the tenant in place to another investor for a quick profit.

The Numbers

Here are the numbers for this deal and how the investor secured an annualized ROI of 131% on his money.

The transaction required the investor to be out of pocket $27,900. When the house was resold with the tenant in place and all expenses paid at closing, the investor walked away with $6,226 profit in two months!

Here is the math:

$6,226 profit / $27,900 investment = 22% in only two months.

The investor reveived 11% on his money per month.

This is an annualized Return On Investment of 132%!

Get started investing in real estate.

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