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Are you considering selling your house in Canton Georgia to investors?

Old Cherokee County Courthouse in Canton, GA
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Investors Who Buy Houses in Canton GA

Alpha Dog Investments is a professional real estate investment firm in Canton, GA.

Since Canton is our home, we especially are looking for houses to buy right here in Cherokee County.

Sell Your House to Investors

Please contact us for a free consultation about selling your property in Canton to investors.

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We will take the time to explain the process of selling your real estate to investors and how it compares to selling your property by listing it on the MLS with a real estate broker.

Sell Your Property

Many people ask us what type of property we buy in Canton.

While we will consider any property for sale by owners in Canton, there are certain types that get our attention. These include the following property types:

Single Family Houses

We are always looking for residential properties, especially single family houses. These can be any size, from 1 bedroom homes to large houses of any size.

Fixer Upper Houses

As investors we like to buy properties that need repairs, renovations, and updating so we can create value for the money we invest.

Canton Rental Homes

We will consider any home in Canton that would make a good rental property.

Undeveloped Land

Our investors include developers and home builders who want to buy land in Cherokee County.

Land that is zoned residential or agricultural is on the top of our list, but we will also consider the purchase of commercial and industrial zoned parcels.

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